start of work in Shahapur Okt. 09 Shahapur Nov. 09 Shahapur Nov. 09 first stone laying in Karjat Sept. 07 Women-Center in Karjat Febr. 10 Women-Center in Karjat Febr. 10

Women Centers in Karjat and Shahapur

Our special focus lies in the development of women centers in rural areas, where poverty is at its highest and women and girls barely have chances for education and empowerment. With these centers we safeguard the women and girls from a miserable life in the slums of India's megacities.

In order to push the targeted advancement of women and girl in rural areas we have built two women centers, each located approximately 2 hours away from Mumbai. Only through centers like these we can counteract the increasing migration into slum areas of megacities.


Together with the NGO "Vatsalya Foundation" and with the villagers at the locale we planned and built the Women Center in Shahapur. The inauguration took place in November 2009. The center now offers a home to the kindergarten, the women's group and for conducting educational and vocational programmes as well as being used as a gathering and work place.


The Women Center in Karjat has been co-established with the NGO "Light of Life Truts". Die Fertigstellung ist für die nächsten Wochen geplant. Our cooperating partner has already started to conduct workshops for women and girls on computer knowledge, sewing and beautician skills.

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