Cherivali Village, Sept. 07 Kanav Village, Febr. 09 Umroli School, Febr. 09 Umroli Village, Apr. 09 Shivkar Village, Nov. 09 Manichapada, 2009 Koproli School, Febr. 10 Murbad School, Jan. 11 Zaadghar, Oct. 12

Project Water Supply Well "Water is Life"

Today, women and girls living in rural areas in India still have to walk for long distances and hours in order to get clean drinking water for their families. Almost 90 percent of all diarrheal diseases are caused by contaminated water and a lack of hygiene. Recurring intestinal infections is the most common cause of death of children under the age of five years.


With Inner Wheel Mumbai we support the construction of water wells. Doing so we support 40 rural village communities and more than 3000 villagers who do not get support by governmental authorities, with clean and running water. We are proud to say that the concerned women and girls are very grateful that the now-in-place wells give them more freedom and time for school and vocational education.


On behalf of our sponsors, Chance auf Leben e.V. has so far built ten water wells for rural villages and their people:

  1. Well in the village of Cherivali: Handover in September 2007
    Donated by Chance auf Leben e.V.

  2. Well in the village of Kanav: Handover in February 2009
    Donated by Soroptimists Dortmund Hellweg.

  3. Well in the primary school of Umroli: Handover in February 2009
    Donated by Märkischen Berufskolleg Unna.

  4. Well in the village of Umroli: Handover in April 2009
    Donated by Rotariern Bochum-Rechen.

  5. Well in the village of Shivkar: Handover in November 2009
    Donated by Dr. Gerd Mohr Bochum.

  6. Well in the village center of Manichapade: Handover in 2009

  7. Well in the primary school in Koproli: Handover in February 2010
    Donated by Inner Wheel Club Bochum-Hellweg.

  8. Well in the village center of Bendwardparda: Handover in 2010

  9. Well in the village and for the primary school in Murbad: Handover in January 2011
    Donated by Detlev Dransfeld und Jörg Bielinski.

  10. Well in the village of Zaadghar: Handover in October 2012
    Donated by the company Herzogquelle - Mineralwasser GmbH Bochum.

Currently we are in the process of building three more water wells.

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