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With a contribution of just 10 Euros a month you can help an underprivileged and socially disadvantaged girl to get regular school education.

By taking over a sponsorship of 120 Euro per year you enable a girl to get necessary school education. Doing so, you also contribute to give the family of your sponsored child a better living. Our experiences have proved that individual empowerment of girls and women ameliorate the overall living standard of the children and their families.

Your sponsorship means direct and personal help. Your sponsored child and its family will be supervised by a social worker, who provides detailed annual reports on the academic and social development of the girl.

With a sponsorship you do not incur a contractual obligation. At any time you can adjust the payment for your sponsored child. Sending us a brief statement is enough.
Your sponsorship is legally considered a donation and therefore tax-deductible.


Click here for a sponsorship form.

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