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Vocational Training - Microloans

Education is the only way out of poverty!

We provide women and girls, who otherwise have no opportunities to learn a profession due to their struggling financial backgrounds or broken-home situations, with personal and vocational support based on their individual talents.
Social workers look after the women and girls who are educated to become seamstresses, computer experts, kindergarten teachers, etc. To date, almost all of the women and girls who we trained found a workplace afterwards.

Help for self-help"

We provide women, who want to be self-employed after finishing their vocational training in order to support their families, with financial counseling and micro credits.
Since January 2009, we support a micro-loan program for 20 AIDS-infected women in the largest slum of Mumbai, in Dharavi.

In collaboration with one of our partner-NGOs, IAPA, we were able to reward micro loans for working materials to the women. Oftentimes, the home-produced and then sold goods secure the basic income of the women's whole families.

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