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About Us

In November 2003 we found our NGO Chance auf Leben e.V. (Chance of Life). Since 1976, Chairwomen Rita Römert-Steinau holds strong ties with non-government and non-profit organizations in India, with a special focus in the megacity of Mumbai und its adjacent rural villages.

Our commitment is coined by the beliefs that help for self-help through education and vocational training is the only way for socially disadvantaged girls and women to get out of adversity and poverty.

Our vast experiences proved that it makes the biggest impact when we invest in the much needed and pivotal school and vocational education for girls and women. Getting profound school and vocational education is the key to escaping the cycle of societal discrimination and leading a fulfilled life.

We visit our projects and the cooperating local organizations at least twice a year to secure a stable work flow and the sustainable and immediate use of our financial resources.

All work is performed voluntarily and unpaid. All flight, travel and accommodation costs are carried out by us.

Responsible for the work done by Chance for Leben e.V. are:

Board of directors:

Rita Römert-Steinau, Bochum


Birgit Ruhe, Bochum


Claudia Schaefer, Rom


Christiane Weger, Bochum

IT - Support:

Lisa Frerick-Overmeyer, Bochum


Barbara Breitenbach, Witten

Social Media:

Jana Steinau, Bochum

Our NGO Chance auf Leben e.V. was found on 16. February 2004. It is based in Bochum and pursues a solely non-profit and charitable cause.

It is registered at the District Court in Bochum, under the number 14 VR 3554 and acknowledged as charitable by the tax office.

We are more than happy to answer your questions regarding our work and our projects. Please send an e-mail to the following address:

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